The Reading Room Social Club presents . . .

In harmony with Big Sky

On Saturday, 28 September, there will be a concert in St Marys Church, featuring Big Sky,  a Norwich acapella choir, singing songs with beautiful harmonies.

The concert will raise funds for both St Mary’s and for the choir. Organisers are Chris Roberts, who is a member of the choir, and Jeanne Buchannan.

Tickets £10, call 01263 732772 or 07887 914047. Wine and refreshments available in the Reading Room.




Happy 20th birthday

On Saturday, 19 October, there will be a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the (new) Reading Room, and also the centenary of the original Reading Room. Organised jointly by RR Management and Social Club Committees.


Friday night is barbecue night

The Friday night BBQ season at Burgh Reading Room is here. You are welcome this and every Friday through the summer to come and join us for some quality BBQ food and drinks at very reasonable prices together with the company of neighbours. There is no need to book in advance, just come along at 7.30pm and our dedicated team of volunteer chefs will cook to order. Your guests are also welcome (guest fee payable, £1).

The Reading Room BBQ season runs continuously from 3 May until 27 September.  We look forward to seeing you at Burgh Reading Room soon.