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Local writer seeks help on the story of Marcus

[caption id="attachment_475" align="alignright" width="300"]Marcus La Touche Marcus La Touche (Clown Roma) gets a bite with Boby his dog on the banks of the Bure at Burgh.[/caption]

I'm a budding local writer, studying at UEA, and have recently picked up on the story of Marcus (and his "numerate" dog) who lived in a caravan on the banks of the Bure from around 1976 until around 1991 I believe.
I understand that Marcus La Touche was a charming man who left posies of primroses on the doorsteps of the friends he made in Burgh. I would be really interested to learn of any other recollections that residents have of this apparently very contented man. Thank you.
Jennifer Knights.
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