Who’s for Harvest Supper?

Burgh is hoping to host a Harvest Supper at St Mary’s church on Friday 22 October 22 at 7pm.
All current guidelines and precautions will be followed.
Vicki Gylanders Taylor said: “We want to get together and celebrate harvest time and our village as a community that has weathered this past year-and-a-half and all it has thrown at us. I know it is early days, but we really want to know if there is enough demand to warrant doing it . . . so please will you reply soonish?”
On the menu will be: cottage pie, fish pie, or vegetarian option, apple pie, crumble or variation thereof, cheese and coffee.
Entry price of £12 includes a glass of wine, and more might just be available.

Jeanne​ –  ​​Janie​ – or ​​Suzanne

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