Soft plastic collection scheme on its way

Burgh resident Yvonne Stuart has been looking at a major initiative by supermarkets to help recycle soft plastics like crisp packets and bread bags and when Aylsham can expect to benefit.

Recent announcements regarding the collection of soft plastics at supermarkets have come from the Co-op who are spending serious money on an advertising campaign, Sainsburys and, most recenly, Tesco.

Yvonne was concerned that this plastic waste might be diverted from landfill and just incinerated. But the Co-op has announced that Jayplas will be recycling all of its plastics within the UK. The Aylsham branch is already doing this.

“Not all the details have been clear in terms of who recycles this material and what is done with it, but it does look like it is going to go to reputable recyclers within the UK,” says Yvonne.

“Sainsburys previously used Leicestershire-based Eurokey Recycling for their initial trial, but I don’t believe they’ve announced whether they will be processing this material.

“Tesco has not made an announcement about who is recycling it and where, or what it will be turned into, but I feel hopeful that these big players will not want to take the risk of being exposed for unethical practices down the line.

“So get collecting everyone and let’s reduce our residual waste and our emissions and use of natural resources at the same time.”

Soft plastics are lightweight plastics that often cannot be placed in recycling bins at home. Items like plastic film lids on yoghurt pots, soft fruit punnets and ready meals, as well as plastic crisp packets, pasta bags and chocolate or biscuit wrappers.

Online articles from Let’s Recycle on each of the schemes are below for those of you who want to read more:


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