Postcard from Wood Lane

Tom Rochester, who lives at Woodend cottage in Wood Lane, found this little treasure, and would be delighted if anyone can throw any light on how Burgh had its own postcard.

“Not sure where the postcard is now or where/who it came from or even if it’s in our possession, but our house on Wood Lane is on it,” says Tom.

“Our house is one of three cottages, all called Woodend at that time, Pockthorpe being the location. The other cottages are now called Pockthorpe House and Rose Cottage.”

Tom’s family – on both sides – have lived in the village since just after the Second World War.

Anyone with information about this postcard, or the history of Woodend, please contact the Editor.

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  1. I think the card as part of the collection mrs Harriet Kate rochester SNr, had and is now with Sarah Thorp, she lived with first her mother, a hen her husband and family, in ‘oaklands’ Fmr G Burrs house, the fighting cocks, when it was a pub then Pockthorpe, which John bought in about 1965, where we are now, before she moved to Peterborough, I believe the quadling, on the war memorial is related to mrs quadling who lived in the west end cottage of the three, we have a photo of her with another lady , at the communal pump, which was in Now Jason’s cottage garden, Pockthorpe house.

  2. That is a wonderful photo of Woodend cottage. My mum and dad would have loved it! I’m struck by how open it looks, because the lane is quite leafy nowadays (well, 10 years ago anyway, when my dad left). Just at the very left of the picture, barely visible, there seems to be something like the corner of another building. Could it be the tannery that I believe used to stand in the garden?

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