Does anyone remember Miss Critoph?

Andrew Keeler Christopher Wade Adrian Corbin Richard Wade Pauline Brooks
Richard Fisk(?)  John (?)  Jonathan Purdy  Alan Farrow  Susan Wickham  June Fenton  Cheryl Whitton  Robert Purdy  Billy Youngs
Roy Fowell Elaine Beales Colin Clarke Mary-Jayne Rust Miss Bell Miss Crotoph Wendy Carman June Jex Denise Whitton Nicholas Brooks
Linda McCrafe Jill Patrick Elaine Whitton Gary Shanks Christopher Wink Sandra Eke David Carman Alan Hubbard Paul Jex

Burgh School , Norfolk, 9th July 1964

Facebook thread posted by Cathie Corbin on 12 June 2020.
Shared with Members of Aylsham & District Photographs and Memories
Mu husband, Adrian Corbin’s school photograph. Does anyone remember Miss Critoph?

Jackie Lewin
June Jex Cooke

Sarah Beales
My mum’s on that photo Elaine Beales was Bean

Marion Jobling
Lovely photo, so nice to see that they actually put names of the children below. Certainly know its June Jex Cooke

Michael McCann
Paul Jex

Paul Jex
Michael McCann that’s me in the corner

Michael McCann
Paul Jex is that where you spent much of your school life😂

Paul Jex
Michael McCann yes with the pointy hat with a D on it

Sarah-Jane Hewitt
Happy memories I was one of the children before the school closed… xx

Pauline Saggers
Yes I was at the school with her and Miss Bell. Always remember she used lanolin hand cream funny what sticks in your memory.

Shaun Wymer
I went to Burgh school but was born in 64 but I know a few of these people on this picture

Elaine Beales
good memories of a lovely school were are you all now I am living in Aylsham always remember miss critoph riding her bike from skeyton

Sarah Phillips
Yes I do left before this photo. My surname was Warren.

Carol Daniels
I loved miss Bell , she also taught me at St Michaels school Aylsham xx

Phil Avalon
I was at Burgh school from 1956 i remember miss Bell & miss Critoph very strict both of them had a few slapped legs off miss Bell i lived at no 3 School Road Burgh 5 minutes from the school remember it well.

Roger Penton
Hi, yes was at B’ school from 1953, born in Burgh , lived in church lane. remember Miss Critoph from Skeyton. Also Miss Bell, she took over from Mrs Fuller as headmistress. Recall the Coronation celebrations, at the school, we all dressed up for the occasion. At assembly Miss Bell would strike one note on piano to start us singing. Assistants at the school Mrs Payne & Mrs Tichelly. Hot food was delivered daily by Mrs Ellis who also had a shop in Aylsham nr Co- Op. Delivered food in steel containers in car trailer. Cost for each pupil 5 shillings per wk.
Lots more memories of the school, names not clear , was my sister June on photo. I emigrated to Australia in 1970 , live in Queensland.

Burgh School was council run but it was rather like Colby, where the parents with aspirations of ‘grandeur’ sent their children!
I remember taking Miss Bell to school in my clapped out car when her taxi did not arrive one day.
As I remember Miss Bell, although squat in stature was quite an upright starchy lady in personality.
Miss Critolph was a very demure gentle lady perfect for the infants.

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