Coronavirus Update

Pat, our Burghlife website editor and his wife Lesley, have been visiting family in South Africa and unfortunately were unable to make it onto the last planes home before the South African Government introduced lockdown and closed all borders. Chaos at BA check-in desks resulted in hundreds on the standby list all crowding together. Now, Pat and Lesley are making the best of it in a quarantine hotel in Cape Town. Leslie reports, “It is not all bad. We can cook and go to the supermarket. But no shops or hotels are allowed to sell alcohol or tobacco!!! No cigars and non alcoholic beer and gIn and tonic for the next two weeks!! Nice room with great view”.

The lockdown is fairly draconian and due to last for the next 3 weeks at least. Efforts are being made to repatriate stranded Britons so we hope to see their return shortly.

In the meantime, we are in touch and wish them well. G&T awaits their return!

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