New Year, new challenges for art group

The Burgh Art Group is starting up again this year – first session on 15 January, at 2pm.  As well as continuing with the normal sessions, the group will devote time to specialist techniques. They include:

Plein Air (outdoor) – street scene , around the village, and wider afield;
Still life;
The Big Paint;
Copying a famous painting;
Three-colour palette work.

In addition, the group agreed to organise a couple of training sessions, and are looking at the work of local artist, Corrin Tulk, (Upton) who runs a wide range of one-day and half-day courses, and Sandrine Pelissier, a Canadian artist who runs online courses.

The Reading Room is out of action for January as refurbishment is carried out. For more information about the group, please contact Yvonne Stewart

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