The silence after the big bang

BT repairs the burnt-out connections. Picture Bill Stewart

Homes across Burgh fell silent after a dramatic lightning storm knocked out phones, TVs, power sockets and internet routers on Thursday night (25 July).

At least three residents in Wood Lane reported that the power surge during the storm was so fierce that it blasted phones and power sockets off the wall.

Resident Bill Stewart said: “Ours exploded with a bang – it’s still ringing in our ears. Router, plugs, etc all damaged. Electricians came in but we’re told that our replacement router from BT won’t arrive until the end of the month. Quill pen still works though.”

Mary Forrest-Hill said: “We lost the TV and Sky box so it was a bit quiet in our house for a while”, and Joyce Rochester had to buy new phones.

The lightning strike also took out the internet and phone at Dorothy Clark’s home. “Boxes were left hanging off the wall, blown to pieces. Quite a lot of us were affected including the Reading Room. Good job the barbecue wasn’t affected.” Dorothy had still not been reconnected nearly a week later.

According to the BT repair man, the lightning struck the top of the telegraph pole at the entrance to Fairfield Way which is connected to the new green broadband cabinet in Wood Lane. Power was returned a couple of hours later.

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