Police alert over scams and rural crime

Online and telephone scams, livestock and agricultural machinery thefts are highlighted in the latest police newsletter into rural crime.
The latest scam involves a telephone call claiming outstanding money is owed to BT and has to be paid immediately, and TV Licensing scam stating that the TV License has expired. Both calls request bank details.
There have also been reports of cold callers offering driveway cleaning and mis-selling cavity wall insulation.
And tractors, diggers, horse trailers, quad bikes and other agricultural machinery have been targeted by thieves in the Broadland and North Norfolk areas. Police believe these are not opportunistic crimes but pre-planned with a known buyer or end destination already agreed.
And over the last couple of months there has been an increase in livestock thefts in the county with sheep and fattening lambs being stolen. The thefts have occurred in plain sight.
As yet no animals have been recovered but police are working with Trading Standards, Defra, sheep farmers and the National Sheep Association in relation to these offences.
PC Dave Armstrong, of the Police National Network, says theft of poultry also remains an issue and believes the offenders are local to the locations of the crime.

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