Field of dreams for animal lovers

Seamus and Maia enjoy the sun.

Meet gentle giant, Seamus, a black Suffolk Punch cross cob and his companion Maia, a white Dutch Warmblood – the new residents in the field near Spratt’s Green.

Rick and Andrea Morris.

They moved in soon after their owners Rick and Andrea Morris bought the 4.7 acres of land at auction in November 2018. The couple bought the field to keep the horses nearer to their home in Brampton and are planning to get some Angora goats “to manage the pasture” as well as provide fleece for mohair.

“Our first impression of the field was that it needed a lot of work,” said Rick. “We’re very new to this and learning as we go along, but we hope to restore the field to a healthy pasture and a safe place for our animals.”

Rick, 51, a maintenance technician at the railway depot in Norwich, spent the winter months erecting stock fencing around the plot to stop the horses straying, and draining the field. There is also a plan to restore the pond.

“The original pond had become blocked off and was in a sorry state. We’re very keen on encouraging wildlife and ducks but need to make the field more habitable. That’s where the goats come in. They will graze the grass which saves on spraying it with weed killer and is more eco-friendly.”

Andrea, 41, is a veterinary nurse and owner of Pawfect Hydrotherapy, a treatment practice to rehabilitate arthritic dogs and helps Rick in her spare time.

“We’re both passionate about animals and the horses need care; Seamus has arthritis and Maia has problems too,” said Andrea. “The field is basically a place to keep our pets so we plan to make it look good and secure, and to get the water back to a more healthy condition.”

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