Monoprinting – get rolling

The “messy but addictive” craft of monoprinting was introduced to the Burgh Art Group by Bill Stewart at the February meeting in the Reading Room.
Bill demonstrated how to create a picture from feathers, leaves and stencils placed on an inked plate covered with paper and then rubbed over to create a pattern on the reverse side.
“We also made images by drawing directly onto the paper over different coloured inks. Once you’ve done one design you want to improve it – try something more elaborate – use more colours. It is very addictive,” said Lesley Prekopp.
“As newcomers to the technique we felt we had a long way to go to reach the pinnacle of our achievement in this area. Those of us who had a go enjoyed ourselves – getting rather messy in the process.”
Bill will be bringing his expertise and his monoprinting tools to future sessions.
For those interested, watch the video “Monoprinting with cut paper” by Flors Doehler.

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