Welcome Adrian and Wilhulmina

Adrian and Wilhulmina.

Burgh’s newest residents, Adrian and Wilhulmina Ball, moved in to the village on 4 January 2019 from Hethersett.  The move was prompted by a desire for a new way of life after nearly 30 years in Hethersett — and “because we love Aylsham”, said Adrian.

“We used to come this way quite a lot and were frequent visitors to Burgh so when we saw the house we decided to make the move.”

A customer service assistant at a supermarket in Wymondham, Adrian, 58, was born in Norwich.
Wilhulmina is a physio therapist at the Norwich Community Hospital. She comes from Surhuisterveen, a village in the Netherlands. “I came to Norwich in 1983 to work for three months — and I’m still here,” she said.

The couple met towards the end of 1983 in the Ferry Boat on Kings Street, in Norwich. “I bumped into a physio I knew a little , who introduced me to Wilhelmina her work colleague and friend,” said Adrian.

“She had recently secured a position at the N and N having had difficulty finding work in her own country, The Netherlands, as it had too many trained physiotherapists. With my two friends we all wanted to socialise more often and additionally Willie and I started to book a squash court once a week.”
They were married in 1985 and have three children — two boys and a girl — and two grandchildren.

“We are delighted to live here and struck by how friendly our neighbours are,” said Adrian. “Within a day or two, Chris and Judith were the first people to welcome us to Burgh and invited us to the Caledonian evening, and we shared a G&T with Bernard.”

January 2019

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