Burgh Reading Room Social Club Committee AGM

Burgh Reading Room Social Club Committee AGM
Friday 16 November 2018

Apologies for absence
Minutes of AGM 17.11.17
Chairman’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Election of committee
Election of an Auditor
Any other busines

Meeting commenced at 7.20 pm, following the Management Committee AGM.
Apologies:   Dorothy Clark, Mary Harboe, Gill Harley
Present:  Jeanne Buchanan, John Goodwin, Pauline Gamblin,  Jason Grant, Sarah Hinchcliffe,  Jeremy & Maria Hickling with Jack and Grace, Chris & Judith Holloway, Frank Hurrell, Brian & Shirley Jackson, Phil Letman, Richard & Chris Roberts, Joyce Rochester, Bill & Yvonne Stewart, Tony & Liz Stimpson, Ray & Rosemary Topping, Gavin Watson, Kerys Witton.

Minutes of AGM on 17.11.17
The minutes of the previous AGM held on 17 November 2017 were approved by those present to be an accurate record and signed by the chairman.

Chairman’s report
Richard reviewed the activities of the Social Club over the last year: our special events included a Beer Tasting Evening, a post-Christmas party which was very well-attended with over 40 people present, Bingo with Fish & Chips in February, a World Cup Quiz in June with proceeds going to Dementia UK, a Hallowe’en party with Barry Lee and finally a visit to Wildcraft Micro-brewery in Buxton on November 10th.

Winter Food was offered at least once each month between December and April, with lasagne, fish and chips, pies and finally a very popular Indian meal cooked by Rakesh and Frances on April 20th.

We have had a very successful barbeque season through the summer, with a record 11 pairs of people volunteering as chef/helper.  We provided the barbeque on 21 Friday evenings, with no one person having to  work on more than two occasions.

Film Nights continued through December and January, but it was felt that audience numbers were insufficient to break even, and so no further Film Nights were held.  Film Night Accounts show a £68 loss for the part-year 2017-18 which will appear in the 2018-19 accounts.

Membership renewals for the current year stand at 66.

Richard wanted to say a special thank you to Ray and Rosemary for their management, supply and manning of the bar.  To Jonathan, Judith and Maria for managing and purchasing our barbeque supplies.  To Maria, again, for taking over responsibility for Food Safety from Jonathan recently.  He was pleased to report that following a visit from a Food Inspector last week, the Reading Room rating remains at 5 stars.  He thanked all food providers and chefs over the year, and any of the members who have contributed to events and to his fellow committee members who support all of the activities.

He wished to say an extra-special thank you to retiring Treasurer Dorothy Clark.  Dorothy has been quietly and efficiently managing the Social Club’s money since before he came to the village in 2009.  He expressed regret that Dorothy was unable to attend tonight so that we could have thanked her in person, and the meeting agreed to record a formal thank you to Dorothy for her long period as Treasurer.

Treasurer’s report
(Read by Judith Holloway as Dorothy Clark was unable to attend the meeting)

Dorothy began by saying she was sorry she was not able to attend the meeting, due to a prior commitment.  She invited members to speak to her in person if they saw anything they wished to discuss further.

She thanked Michael Wallis for stepping in to audit the accounts; this explained why they looked slightly different from previous years.  Dorothy had studied them carefully and confirmed they agreed with the years transactions.  It was agreed to ask Michael Wallis to audit the accounts next year.

Bar takings were disappointing, despite everyone’s best efforts.  Hopefully we can find ways to increase interest in the Social Club.

Bank interest remained a concern, but Michael Wallis had taken on the task of finding something with a better rate of return.

Fund raising events did well, showing an improvement on last year’s figures.

Expenditure was self-explanatory, with no purchases this year.

The donation of £112 was the proceeds from our Christmas raffle, donated to Marie Curie in memory of John Rochester.  Miscellaneous were items of stationery and bar snacks.

The confirmed total figures held in the Social Club accounts were:  £10,409.01 in an Instant Access account and £11,405.30 in the current account, making a grand total of £21,814.31 which was an increase of £748.54 from the previous year.

Election of committee

Although retiring as Treasurer, Dorothy is willing to stay on the committee.  Maria Hickling has volunteered to take over as Treasurer.  The rest of the committee will continue as before.  Yvonne Stewart volunteered to join the committee, proposed by Shirley Jackson and seconded by Jason Grant.

There was no further business.  The meeting closed at 8.05 pm

Committee 2018 -19
Chair – Richard Roberts
Vice-Chair – Gavin Watson
Treasurer – Maria Hickling
Secretary – Chris Roberts
Committee Members – Dorothy Clark, Chris Holloway, Shirley Jackson, Yvonne Stewart, Ray Topping, Kerys Witton

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