Knitters square up for the big one

Knitters are working hard knitting and crocheting squares for the Burgh Community Blanket. Progress is impressiveand Our Community Blanket is starting to come together.

A dozen ladies returned for a second “get together” on 6 November, to share knitting news and there was plenty of tea and cake to keep everyone  energised.

So where will the Burgh Community blanket go? Possibly to a refugee camp in Syria, Afghanistan or Kurdistan, or maybe to a shelter centre or food bank in this country.

The next get together is on Wednesday 21 November 10.30-12.30, in the Reading Room. It’s open to all, whether you are knitting or just fancy a cup of tea and chat. Some lades like to zip in and out promptly, while others like to stay a while for a natter.

The squares will be sewn into strips. The ladies will then have a chance to sew together the strips and knit more squares as well as checking on progress, ahead of sending off in time for Christmas.

There will be a final festive get together when the blanket and any other scarves, hats or gloves are packed up and sent off for Christmas.

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