On the road to recovery

In August, Jeremy Hickling and Chrissie McVeigh invited the Norfolk County Council highway engineer Chris Mayes to a site visit in Burgh to walk through the village and see and discuss highway defects.  Along with the defects reported (see table), a number of highway concerns reported by residents of the village were discussed.

The increasing volume, size and speed of traffic passing through The Street is a major concern. Mr Mayes said village gateway signs in some neighbouring parishes had been a success. The signs were a visual prompt to remind drivers they were entering a rural residential area and changed driving behaviour.

Mr Mayes explained the installation process and possible funding sources. Residents will be asked their opinion as to whether this passive traffic calming method could work for Burgh.

The vulnerability of the War Memorial on the crossroads of The Street and Wood Lane. A number of residents had raised a concern that with large vehicles often using this crossroads to turn around the War Memorial could be hit and damaged. With the listed monument due for refurbishment soon, Mr Mayes was asked how best it could be protected.

He suggested a double height curb running round the bend in front of the memorial and four wooden posts with reflectors above the curb to deter larger vehicles from running up and over the curb. It was agreed that this work would also respectfully and rightfully “set” the memorial within the village. Funding for this work will be sought.

The unpainted Burgh bridge railings are likely to remain unpainted — unless Burgh residents do it themselves.  After many years of waiting, the railings were finally replaced last year.

Asked about painting the railings, Mr Mayes said they would never be painted as this was considered an enhancement and the county council did not have the funds for this type of work. However, he had no objections to the work being done by villagers as long as the job was done well. He also advised on the type of paint the council use — so watch this space for a call for a painting party shortly.

Regarding the issues and defects reported (see the table) Mr Mayes “ordered” these repairs late August but said they were all delivered by different work crews so they could take time. The Street Scene inspectors, formally known as the Highway Rangers are due to visit Burgh in November so Jeremy and Chrissie have sent them a reminder of the repairs Mr Mayes ordered. Hopefully we will be able to update the table after they have been.

If you have any highway concerns, please contact Chrissie McVeigh or Jeremy Hickling.

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