Planes may return to old air base

A plan to set up a small aircraft factory at the old Coltishall air base, and sites for an extra 1,000 houses in the Aylsham and Marsham area have been revealed following research by the parish council.

Burgh and Tuttington Parish Council has been investigating local planning issues outside the parish which might have an impact on Burgh and Tuttington in the future. This includes planning applications from adjacent wards and parishes sent to Broadland and North Norfolk District Councils this year.

One application, (NNDC PF/18/0363) yet to be decided, is for the establishment of a small aircraft manufacturing facility (Swift Aircraft) at the old Coltishall air base, now Scottow Enterprise Park. This is to develop a new two-seater, single-propeller training aircraft and do test flights. The company would provide employment for 100 people.

The proposal is for four aircraft movements per day (two take-offs and two landings) and operation times would be during the normal working day. “This should have little negative impact on our parish but could potentially offer employment,” says Cllr Simon Covey.

In the Greater Norwich Local Plan, sites in Norwich, Broadland and South Norfolk are being identified for possible future housing and other developments. Of these, sites for an extra 1000 houses in each of Aylsham and Marsham have been suggested.

The sites in Aylsham all lie to the west of the A140. No planning applications have yet been invited and it is not yet possible to say if or when these developments will happen, said Cllr Covey.

There is potential impact for the parish from changes in infrastructure and services including sewerage. The Aylsham sewerage works feeds treated water into the Bure at Aylsham, and the Mermaid from Marsham passes close to Burgh and enters the Bure just downstream. However, it has been stated that any development would not be allowed to proceed until the sewerage infrastructure is upgraded.

For further information, please contact Cllr Simon Covey.

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