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Memorial refurbishment
Quotes for the refurbishment of the memorial have been received and include one from Highways to install curbing around the memorial with four 6-inch posts. It was agreed by the parish counci to apply for a Parish Partnership Grant for the additional Highways work.

Neighbourhood Plan
Two of our district councillors, David Harrison and recently elected Sue Catchpole attended the meeting and gave a brief update on council matters. They have advised the PC to look forming a Neighbourhood Plan. The PC have agreed this is something we need to look into and Sue Catchpole agreed to obtain more information to help us.

All notifications of Highways issues received together with the photos of each issue obtained will be passed on to Highways for inspection.

Tesco award
Burgh village sign and seating area has been awarded £1000 from the Tesco bags of life grant. I have agreed to make the arrangements for the repairs to be done.

New railings
We have asked the PC to support us in our attempt to form a painting group to paint the new railings on the approach into Burgh from Aylsham. The PC agreed to support with such insurances to carry out the works providing we complete a risk assessment first. This will be done and then we will arrange and publish a date for this community work to be carried out.

Village gateways
The PC has agreed to support us in our application for funding for village gateways for Burgh. It is felt that these gateways are an effective traffic calming measure. The overall design will be decided with the help of the village residents and more details about this will be published in due course.

The resignation of a parish councillor was discussed and we are now looking for a replacement to join the council.

River Bure
Chrissie and I have had several meetings with the National trust, River Care and Environment Agency regarding the river and in particular the quality of the water. Samples have been taken. Discussions are ongoing with further checks planned.

Date of next meeting: 5 November 2018

Jeremy Hickling and Chrissie McVeigh

Full minutes of the meeting will be available on the Parish Council website

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