Burgh goes interactive

Villagers now have a choice of ways to keep in touch with Burgh news, events or immediate and interactive information.

The new Burgh Life Comms group was formed in August to help get more people participating in village activities or sharing news. The group wants to create, grow and maintain a vibrant, inclusive and supportive community network by improving communication and engagement with all the villagers.

There is an active Reading Room social club, the parish church of St Mary’s, parish councillors, the annual autumn Burgh knitters and the newly formed Burgh Art Club, to mention just a few of the groups that get together for a bit of a natter and usually a drink of some kind – whether that’s a good old fashioned cup of tea or something a tad stronger.

This website hopes to provide news, articles, history and pictures about Burgh and what goes on in the village. If you have a news item, contact Pat Prekopp or Bill Stewart to get something on the website. Simply email editor@burghlife.co.uk or go on the website contact page.

Added to this is a new Burgh group email address: burghlifenorfolk@gmail.com – an excellent way to broadcast news and events to all on the mailing list. If you have something you wish to publicise to just send an email to burghlifenorfolk@gmail.com and one of our core comms group will get it out on an email to everyone.

If you are not on the email list or wish to change your address or be removed from the email list – use this email address to let us know.

For more interactive and immediate sharing of news, photos or events, there is now have a Facebook community group: Burgh Life Norfolk not to be confused with Burgh Life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! This is a closed group just for villagers past and present together with our friends.

If you would like to join just ‘Request to join’ on the Facebook group. Once a member of the group you can post articles, share photos, comment, like, etc with everyone in the group.

Twitter is another instant way of sharing short messages with a photo – our account is @burghlifenorf – if you are a Twitter user, follow us, comment, like etc. Both Facebook and Twitter can be used for immediate and interactive messages – for example:

There’s a large delivery truck at the end of Wood Lane – he is going to be there for 15 minutes – best to avoid until he’s done.

Tibby my cat [picture] is missing – he’s not been home for a couple of days, can you check sheds and outbuildings please.

Door keys found in Church Street near the Church – private message me if they might be yours.”
“Just seen this [picture] lovely Kingfisher on the river, near the bridge.

Or of course – you can simply create an “Event”.

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