‘Oyez, oyez, oyez!’ Let’s get connected

Villagers are being asked to form a “small, inclusive group” to act as town cryer and inform all residents of the latest news.

The success of the fete and Burgh in Bloom was mainly due to villagers knowing about the events and getting involved, says Jeremy Hickling. But because many old hands had left the village and many helpers had not been around, it was touch and go whether the fete would happen at all.

The following is from a mailshot from Jeremy to villagers on Reading Room and church mailing lists as well as regular volunteers:

Burgh is a small village of just over 100 residents, and we are a very lively and energetic bunch. There are several active village groups:


The Burgh Reading Room Social Club
The parish church of St Mary’s
The parish council – with our newly elected parish councillors, Chrissie McVeigh and Jeremy Hickling.


Burgh Fete was another resounding success, as was the Burgh in Bloom event before that. None of this happens without Burgh villagers knowing what is going on in the village and/or getting involved.


Therefore, in order to continue to build on the fun and participation, we want to bring together a small, inclusive group to improve and extend communication to ALL villagers – whatever your interest or preferences.


The Burgh Life website will be at the core, but we want to create new links to feed the website. We want to create more interactive dialogue reaching and engaging with as many people as possible. This may include anything from social media such as Facebook or Twitter, to newsletters via email or good old fashioned paper – whatever people in the village want or prefer.


So, if you want to get involved or be part of this new Communications Working Group, come along to the Reading Room on Thursday August 16 at 6pm. If you are unable to come but would like to be involved contact Jeremy.

Finally, if anyone knows who set up or administers the Burgh Reading Room Facebook page  please get in touch.

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