Fete welcomes international visitors

Burgh Fete 2018 went international as visitors from Spain, Singapore and erm . . . Norwich came to the village in August.

Our roving reporter, 11-year-old Grace Hickling, met Charlie and Sophie from Barcelona, William and Freddie on holiday from Singapore, and Charles from Wroxham. There was also a big contingent from Norwich who had heard about our village fete last year so came this year. They said it was incredible and were thoroughly enjoying it, so much so they stayed until the end.

But the day belonged to the villagers and what a glorious day. Hundreds turned up to enjoy the games, competitions and barbecue all organised and run by the residents.

However, William and Freddie were disappointed that there wasn’t a Duck Race this year. “Can you have it next year please,” pleaded Freddie, who nevertheless won Candy Jars “which were all amazing” and a coconut. William won a bottle of “bubbly” (bubble mixture, of course, not champagne).

The boys were staying with their grannny and grandpa from Marsham. Granny Jackie said: “It is such a wonderful family event with a great atmosphere. I was amazed not to see a single smart phone being stared at by anyone.”

And it was a first-time visit from Charlie and Sophie on holiday from Barcelona and staying in Aylsham. Charlie won a bottle of wine. Mum was pleased.

Another first was by cricket fan Charles from Wroxham, who practised at the Smash The China pitch and “broke a toilet with the hard cricket ball after nine goes. He smashed it on the 6th try.”

And so the evening drew to a close – the long queue for the burgers grew shorter, the beer tent went quiet, the noise of smashing crockery abated as the shadows lengthened under the church tower.

For the visitors, another joyous country fete was over. For the volunteers and fete organisers, there was still the clearing up to do . . .

More pictures of the event will be posted on the Gallery page – watch this space.

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