Yvonne to monitor defibrillator

DefibrillatorYvonne Stewart will be the village defibrillator co-ordinator and will be responsible for checking the equipment and for completing and submitting the Site Check returns. Yvonne will be supported by Bob Brewer. They will take over from Colin Campbell later this year.

The job involves regular inspections of the equipment at least once a week, completing a monthly online form that is sent to the Community Heartbeat Trust, which is monitored by the Ambulance Service, and which itself inspects the equipment annually.

If the inspections and returns are not carried out, the Ambulance Service will assume the defibrillator has been decommissioned and will remove it from their register. This means that in the event of a 999 emergency call, they will not advise the caller that a defibrillator is available to be used.

For more information, please contact Yvonne 07902 356418. or Bob 01263 733698.

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