Burgh In Bloom

It may seem early, but now is the time to start planning for Burgh In Bloom. This year it’s on Sunday June 3 and we hope the whole village will help in some way to make this a successful fundraiser for St Mary’s.

Excluding routine maintenance, it costs about £9,000 a year to keep our church open. This sum covers our Parish Share (the cost of ministry), heating and lighting, grounds maintenance, cleaning, insurance, etc. So every penny raised will be most welcome.

For starters, would you open your garden? Manicuring is not an issue, and no one should feel obliged to do anything out of the ordinary to prepare. The wider the variety of gardens open, the better. Large and small – all welcomed warmly.

If you can, please tell Linda (Tel: 733444 or email: theold.dairy@btopenworld.com ) or Jeanne (733762jeannebuchanan18@gmail.com) and we will start working on the map/ticket with your garden on it.

We will repeat the wildly successful Pots for Profit scheme. It’s spring; some of your thinning and separations could be potted up and sold at the produce and plant stall – it’s money for something you would otherwise compost. Please pot up and keep till nearer the time, when we shall come and collect or ask you to deposit at Sandra Hurrell’s.

Also please help by telling all your friends and acquaintances about it. If you need a poster or flyer to put in a place that you frequent, please contact Jeanne Buchanan at the Old Fighting Cocks.

Linda will be asking for cakes to serve at tea and we shall also need them for the cake and produce stall. Jeanne will ask for quiche. Nothing changes.

Helping hands will be needed to serve lunch at the Old Fighting Cocks, tea/morning coffee in the Reading Room, the cake and produce stall in front of “Green Acres”, and to help with parking.

Please let us know early if you will be able to help in any way as this helps with planning.

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