Dog walkers mess churchyard

The Parochial Church Council has issued a plea to dog walkers to clear up the mess left by their pets. Despite free poop bags being available, certain dog owners are allowing their animals to foul the churchyard.

A spokesman has written to villagers with this appeal:
Some time ago, in an attempt to rid the churchyard of dog mess, the PCC decided to provide free dog poop bags as an incentive for dog owners to clear up after their pets.

As can be seen from the photograph, taken on Friday 23 February, our polite request for these free bags to be used has not been welcomed by everyone even though walkers are now using the second box of bags provided. We know that the vast majority of Burgh dog owners act responsibly and clear up any mess deposited in the churchyard. Perhaps it is visiting dog walkers who are the problem. However, the poop bags are provided for all to use.

At another spot, the dog poop is very similar in size and colour to one we picked up a number of weeks ago. It was left in roughly the same position alongside the added gift of a discarded corn on the cob and another item that we won’t mention. This latest offering is a mere 10 paces from the freely-available dog poop bags so there is no valid reason, other than perhaps a sudden earthquake, imminent hurricane or just sheer laziness or ignorance for not clearing this up to be taken home. If this is not possible, the church green bin is available.

People visit churchyards for varying reasons. Consider for a moment how you might feel if visiting the grave of a loved one, to perhaps lay some flowers, to be met with a sight such as can be seen in the photograph. You may not be too happy.

On behalf of St Mary’s Parochial Church Council, can we respectfully request that all dog owners clear up the mess their pet might leave behind or if you notice a visitor to Burgh letting their dog foul the churchyard, ask them politely¬† to bag it and bin it.

St Mary’s PCC,
25 February 2018

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